About the Ammi blogger

Ammi blogger is the pioneering Pakistani mommy blog. Mommy blogs have been a famous phenomenon in the West for a while so if you google it, you will find plenty of such blogs that range from parenting issues, to shopping and party ideas and in fact any thing that a woman can be involved with.

I started this blog when I had my first baby a year ago and to make the most of my maternity leave, had gone to meet her grandparents in Pakistan for 4 months. I didn’t know where to start shopping aside from a couple of big famous brands and wanted to make the most of those top tips “desi totkay” that mums swore by. And that’s where Ammi blogger emerged.

Pakistan is a haven for shopping but only if you know where to find that perfect product. Where online shopping is still not as common as the West, there are nooks and alleys with that little shop that sells that product you will always swear by – and best of all…at cheap! Ammi blogger started with the quest to find these products and bring them to the other moms but it slowly realised that this can be the perfect place for sharing activities, top tips, parenting advice that’s suited to our environment and still benefits every mom out there.

Scroll through the CATEGORIES on the right of this page to see the product reviews, top tips, and other features that this blog has to offer.

If there is a top tip you want to share, an idea you want to see here, a contribution, complaint or recommendation, please feel free to reach the Ammi blogger at:



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