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Tips for fighting mosquitos

Living in or visiting Pakistan? Mosquitos can bother your child in any tropical country. Check out these tips that ammis and khalas swear by:

Homeopathic medicine

“There is a homeopathic ointment called Calendumed Salbe. It is safe for babies.”

Mosquito nets

“I have a mosquito net for my stroller, the one night I didn’t use it, I tried to keep her as covered as possible: long sleeves, socks etc but still poor baby got 10 bites on her face”

Johnson’s mosquito repellant

“A friend of mine swear by the mosquito repellent that Johnsons has. Never tried it. But i think it’s odorless and quite effective despite being mild.”

Aloe Vera

“Use fresh aloe vera. Cut a chunk off and peel off the tough skin. Rub the jelly like inside all over the area of the bite. S would get terrible bites that would erupt and leave marks. This made a world of difference. If you don’t have fresh aloe vera you can get this aloe vera extract gel. Its non medicated and works almost as well.”

Basil and tansy

“It’s a little-known fact that mosquitoes hate basil and tansy. Keep those plants in your yard and around your porch”.

Disclaimer: As hard as we try to include baby-and-children safe tips, the site holds no responsibility for any reactions or health concerns. If worried, please consult a doctor or expert in the field before trying.